2018 Year-End Exhibition: Yoshihiko Ueda│Magical Rainforests

Yoshihiko Uedo│Magical Rainforests
Public-onview:November 24~December 30
Meeting with Yoshihiko Ueda: Dec. 1st @14:30
Art talk with Yoshihiko Ueda: Dec. 1st @15:00 (hosted by Edward Chiu)

On-line register of art talk: https://goo.gl/forms/wuMo97u4Y5gHx5Mn1

The well-known Japanese photographer Yoshihiko Ueda was born in Hyogo in 1957. He studied under Masanobu Fukuda and Taiji Arita. On one hand, he has worked as a front-line photographer in advertising. On the other hand, he has sought expression as a photographic artist. His work is distinctive and characterized by “Ueda-Style”, which creates a soft and pale light of an object. It produces a unique tone and emphasizes the existence of the object.

We are please to presenting Ueda’s remarkable series Quinault which is also his first solo exhibition in Taiwan.  Quinault – images made in the 1990s in a rare and ancient coniferous rain forest in Washington State, USA. The images Ueda created are powerful with the seductive otherworldliness and glowing dampness of the wet terrain. Deep, dark greens and blues reflect the intensity of Ueda’s time in the forest and the spiritual connection he had with Quinault.

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