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Well-Known Photographs Exhibition (11.04-27)

Well-Known Photographs Exhibition (11.04-27)

Well-Known Photographs Exhibition

Public On-View: November 4~27, 2016

Venue: 1839 Contemporary Gallery
Free Admission

Amount of notable photographs from notable photographers around the world are going to exhibit at 1839 Contemporary Gallery from Nov. 4 lasting one month.  Their outstanding artworks have recognized among in Museum, Galleries, Enterprises, and collectors.

Alex DORFMAN 亞歷克斯‧杜夫斯曼 (Mexico)
Bin-Wen CHAO 趙炳文 (Taiwan)
Cy Decosse (USA)
Daido MORIYAMA 森山大道 (Japan)
Eiji INA 伊奈英次 (Japan)
Jock STURGES裘克‧史特吉 (USA)
Ken KITANO 北野謙 (Japan)
Kenro IZU 井津建郎 (Japan)
Michael KENNA 麥可‧肯納 (UK)
Michiko KON 今道子 (Japan)
Osamu James Nakagawa 詹姆斯‧中川治 (USA)
Photographer HAL 攝影家‧晴 (Japan)
Taishi HIROKAWA 廣川泰士 (Japan)
Tokihiro SATO 佐藤時啟 (Japan)

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