HUANG, Qingjun: Family Stuffs 2003-2023

1839 Contemporary Gallery will exhibit the “Family Stuffs” series of photographs taken by Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun from 2003 to 2023. The Family Stuffs photography series showcases people’s family stuffs and the tools they depend on, while examining how things have changed over the past two decades.

The opening will take place at 14:30 on Saturday, July 1st. Welcome to visit and join in the grand event. Continue reading

Chen, Po-I: Stone Age

Taiwanese photographer CHEN Po-I his first photography works with the simple and Zen-likely “Stone Age” series, showing a humorous and profound micro-world that the artist founded using his acute observation and imagination. This exhibited works are all traditional black and … Continue reading

Wong Wang Chuen: Hakka Sonata

Forces of death and life clash, intermingle, and are synthesized into something anew. This cyclical existence, where everything before me is decaying and regenerating itself at once, has hijacked my consciousness, and to come to terms with this sensation, I have embarked on the search for the concealed interconnectedness between the apparently disjunctive elements in life.  Continue reading