The Journal of Contemporary Photography, Volume V

The Journal , Volume V, Strange Genius

Volume V aptly named Strange Genius,  is an insightful examination of the ways in which artists today make conscious attempts to create work that can often be unsettling, difficult, even horrific, yet all the while retaining that strangely mysterious sense of what can only be called beautiful. Writers include poets Raúl Peschiera, Susan Ludvigson, Gerard Malanga, and Paul Zimmer; novelists Ann Beattie and Neil Connelly; and essayists Paul LaRosa, and John Wood.

The Journal is available in 3 Editions:
Trade Edition
Edition: 1,200 copies,NT$18,000 (USD 600)
11 x 13 inches

Deluxe Edition
The Deluxe Editions contain original hand-pulled photogravures and color planographs (waterless lithographs) that illuminate the essays and commentaries found in each book. The Deluxe Editions are bound in Moroccan goatskin, Japanese silks and Italian fabrics, and are cased in a matching basswood portfolio box. They are fully signed on the limitation page by the artists included in each volume.
Edition of 165 signed and numbered copies, price NT$220,000 (USD 6,500)

Museum Edition
The Museum Editions consist of a Deluxe Edition book plus a portfolio that includes an additional set of unbound, individually signed photogravures and planographs, allowing the collector the opportunity to frame and display all the fine prints included in each volume.
Edition of 56 signed and numbered copies, price NT$660,000 (USD 22,000)

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