Chin-pao Chen│「Heaven on Earth」

Exhibition On-View: 2009/11/7(Sat)-12/27(Sun)

Opening Recep0tion: 2009/11/7(Sat)2:30 pm

Artist Talk: 2009/11/21(Sat)2:30 pm

Landscape shows the traces of interactions between Nature and humans. Wherever occupied by humans, the landscape is molded by humans living there over a long period of time. Therefore, landscape could represent thinking and living style shaped by humans living in the same region. However, the prerequisite of landscape conveying collective characteristics is that the landscape should be represented faithfully, without being beautified or romanticized.

This ongoing project has started since 2001. During the past few years, I reconsidered the meanings the land Taiwan revealed to me. At the beginning, I tried to objectively observe signs on this land that may transmit metaphors of Nature and humans. It was the time the project named “Taiwan landscape”. Gradually, I noticed the relationships between small temples, houses, and graves juxtaposed here in Taiwan, and then I tried to depict my country as the land shared by gods, humans and ghosts. Eventually, I decided that the title of this project should be “Heaven on Earth”.

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