AKI TANAKA Solo Exhibition (2/3 ~ 2/29)


On View:  Friday, February 3 – Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 4, at 2:30 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, February 4, at 3:00 pm
Speech by: Aki Tanaka x Edward Chiu (ph D)
Place: 1839 Little Gallery [location]

Sunshine Volition
The sun is the source of life and it gives me hope, happiness, future, and the joy to live.  The time I spend doing photography while basking in the light of the sun is important and necessary for me in order to come face to face with myself and establish a relationship with myself “now”.  The memories that are summoned up by taking photographs in the warm sunshine invoke to me a future filled with hope.

I take photographs imagining that perhaps I can transcribe something that was invisible to the eye into the film holding the images of the sun’s light. For example, fragrance, timbre, wind, heat, temperature, warmth, joy, pleasure, sadness ,fear, worry, anger, pain, comfort, or vertigo, are transmitted from the various waves all around us.

To consciously erase block out, squelch, suppress the world that is limited to that which can be confirmed by the eye.  To release myself from the knowledge or values I learned in the process of growing up.  To find pleasure in an original scene or view that I come upon by looking exclusively at the sun’s light.  To make a statement by taking the waves that come into me through my five senses and transform them into a different set of waves that correspond to the emotions that come from within me.  To record on film the waves that emit from me by way of the light of the sun.

Perhaps the entire process procedure is based on a fallacy However I very much like this time that ?evokes ?hope through the power of the imagination.
The sky over Japan, in 2011, appears to me different now.   Indeed there is no national boundary in the sun.

Sunshine Volition by Aki Tanaka

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