TRINITY by Sayuri NAITO (6/22~7/18)

Japanese female photographer Sayuri NAITO who won the Konica-Minolta Photo Premier Competition of 2005 and had been selected “Contemporary Japanese photography vol,8-VOYAGE”” at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in 2009.  Her works have been displayed in museums in France, Portugal and Mexico etc. 

This exhibition showcase Sayuri’s images of  TRINITY – three themes of  「Silent Gold‧Singing Black」,「Wintermute」and「Midsummer」where each representing the different time and place.

In 「Silent Gold & Singing Black」whether gold and black to contrast with one another, in 「Wintermute」obervation the change of the colours from navy blue to bright blue at dawn; and in 「Midsummer」finding color transitions from purple at sunset to black in the shadows of dusk………enjoy indulging in color and painting the scene with the light ~

On-View Exhibition:2012/06/22 (Fri) ~ 07/18 (Wed)
Event on 6/23 (Sat) with Artist Sayuri Naito

14:30   Opening Reception
15:00   Art Talk
17:00   Books Signing (new photo book launch with artist signature) 

Venue: 1839 Little Galler
Free Admission
Event Pictures Sharing

Sayuri Naito's Photo Exhibition

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