Taiwan Easy by Elina Eihmane (9/8~9/30)

Taiwan Easy by Elina Eihmane

TAIWAN EASY by Elina Eihmane

One-View: 2012/09/08 (Fri) ~ 09/30 (Sun)
Opening Reception: 2012/09/15 (Sun) 14:30
Artist Talk: 2012/09/15 (Sun) 15:00
Venue: 1839 Little Gallery (11:00~20:00)

This street photography series ‘Taiwan Easy’ is based on my previous experience in working with subjective documentary and everyday objects.  I was looking for the unique in the Taiwanese society by abstracting from the differences and the culture shock, sometimes painfully eliminating the colorful and the loud in favor for the settled and hidden.  In the middle of ever-changing flow of events I strived for the silence and stillness, in order and to really look and observe.  The serenity of  little dogs’ graveyard, the festive mood of the Mazu festival, secret smiles and private moments at the anti-ractopamine demonstration – that’ s the color of Taiwan for me.

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