Chung-Ping Cheng (3.30~5.12)

Color Endowment PEONY by Chung-Ping Cheng

On-View Exhibition| 2013 / 3/30 (Sat) ~ 5/12 (Sun)
Opening Reception & Art Talk for the Artist| 2013 /3/30 (Sat) 14:30~16:00

Curated by|Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)
Venue│1839 Contemporary Gallery
Free Admission

Color Endowment】is part of the six laws of Chinese painting “Categorical Color Endowment”, introduced by Scholar Shieh-Huh during the Southern Chi Dynasty. It is to portray a variety of content by embracing them with colors.

Peony】 represents wealth and elegance in Chinese culture; affluent families often would hang Chinese representational paintings of peonies in the hall to depict its well means of prosperity. Artist – Chung Ping CHENG chose to utilize peonies to express her affection and interest toward colored photography by fashioning traditional film to capture peonies’ unlimited exquisite and poise postures, where photos were developed and enlarged in a darkroom.

Color Endowment Peony by Chung-Ping Cheng

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