Little Scenes by Shantel Liao 7.26~8.7

On-View Exhibition| 2013/7/26 (Fri) ~ 2013/8/7 (Wed)

Art Talk & Books Signing with Shantel| 2013 /7/27 (Sat) 14:30

Venue|1839 Little Gallery │(02) 2778 8458
B1, No. 120 Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei 10696, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Free Admission

God created man in His own image, then the heavens and the earth. People created the reproduction in their own image, another earth. Although the propose of miniature set is to copy, to keep the selected moments, the reason we see them real might based on our own experience but not the thought of people who actually made the set. We named what we see by emotions; tend to make the connection between objective scenes and memories inside. We take everything we see. Therefore, it makes no difference between the world we created and the one we lived except the size of things. Over there, they are living silently and waiting to be seen just like us. Through the lens, the only difference between the man side and miniature side will no longer exist. People will live in the world fully ruled by them at the end.


Shantel Liao

Shantel Liao was born in Taiwan and studied theatre in London. Her passion for photography started with the observation of doll faces and intricate machinery, which then broadened to animate subjects. While not taking pictures, she reads, writes, draws, sews and always looking for new stories.  She currently based in Taiwan.

Little Scense by Shantel Liao

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