The Box by Eric Kellerman

Public on-view|2013 /12/14  (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458)

Eric Kellerman is a Briton who has lived near Nijmegen in the Netherlands for just over half his life. In 2008, he retired from academia to spend more time on photography.

Specializing in the nude, he works almost entirely in the studio with a regular team of female collaborators, most of whom have a serious interest in movement (dance, acrobatics, yoga, martial arts).

The Box: A Typology of Poses in a Confined Space, which content with over 30 works binding in a hand crafted wooden box made in Germany, Limited edition with one original print, for order please contact 1839 Contemporary Gallery or call (02) 2778 8458.

1839CG_Eric Kellerman

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