Diamond Spray photographs by Milton HUANG

On-View Exhibition|2014/ 1/18 (Sat) ~ 1/29 (Wed)
Opening Reception|2014 /1/18 (Sat) 14:30 

Venue|1839 Little Gallery (02) 2778 8358
Free Admission

Photographer Milton is an officer in the Navy.  This project is taken him around 6 months when he was on duty at the naval vessel.  

Although photographic conditions were very challenge and difficult on the boat, but also gave him a different angle and experience, creating works for this series of waves.

Sea is so changeable that lovely ruthlessness. In Milton’ works, the hidden anger and tenderness are been seen.  Living on the ground as we are, it’s is difficult to appreciate the beauty of life in the way of lively style, blue white waves, emitting woven into different patterns in the sea.

dancing waves by Milton Huang

Opening reception on January 18th

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