Nude: Selected Photographs 1924 ~2013

Nude, 1924-2013

On View Exhibition | 2014.2/22 (Sat) ~ 3/12 (Wed)
Reception| 2/22 (Sat) 14:30
Venue | 1839 Little Gallery

Under the operation of the lens, how much we understand the human body changes? And how we change the way to watch the human body? It’s been over 175 years till today since the invention of photography in 1839, the human body is one of general projects for most photographic artists portrayed.  It’s been influence the way to portray the subjects with a self-awareness of their developing human body and sexuality.

“Nude the body shape, selected photographs in 1924 to 2013 from renowned photographers’ work i.e. Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard, Joyce Tenneson, Bud Fraker, Herb Ritts, and Sandy Skoglund as well from oversea galleries collected nude, those are exhibited and rendered at 1839 Little Gallery.

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