f/64 Masters Photography Exhibition

Public On-View:2014/06/11 (Wed) ~ 07/13 (Sun)
Video Talk:15:00 on Saturdays 6/21、06/28、07/05、7/12
Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery (Tel: 02-2778-8458)

Group f.64 was an association organized in 1932 by a group of eleven photographers: Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, John Paul Edwards, Sonya Noskowiak, Henry Swift, Willard Van Dyke, Consuelo Kanaga, Alma Lavenson, Preston Holder and Brett Weston. Four of Group f.64 works have been assembled for a retrospective exhibition at 1839 Contemporary Gallery.

The term f/64 refers to the smallest aperture setting on a large format film camera (i.e. 4”x5” 0r 8”x10”).  Group f/64 placed a higher value on “pure” photography; sharp images, maximum depth-of-field, smooth glossy printing paper. These attributes maximize the unique qualities of the photographic process.

The gallery will hold the video event to have a retrospective showing of those masters work at 3:00 o’clock afternoon on every Saturday during the exhibition.

f64 group masters_1839cg

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