Alex Dorfsman::Art Statement

Alex Dorfsman Exhibition_venuejpg

photograph by Alex Dorfsman

Public On-View:2014/09/12 (Friday) ~ 10/19 (Sun)
Opening Reception:9/13 (Saturday) at 14:30
Artist Talk by Sergio Chelala from sello de agua ART:9/13 (Saturday) at 15:00

Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery (Tel: 02-2778-8458)
B1, 120 Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan ROC

In the realm of landscape photography, Dorfsman’s works attempt a fresh form of presentation, where he inserts artificial objects that ingeniously integrate with real scenery, creating perplexing visual tension and artistic illusions. … Dr. I-Chien Chiu/Curator of 1839 Contemporary Gallery

1839 Contemporary Gallery and sello de agua ART join together to curate the Mexican Artist Alex Dorfsman solo exhibition.  This exhibition is a view through Dorfsman’s own lens of surreal reality.  Alex exposes ambiguous moments and views that exist only within the crossroads of the optical contradictions upon which he stumbles.

In this show, Dorfsman once again toes the line between what we call reality and artificial or made by the human hand.  Dorfsman operates within the defining moments of perception and strategically searches for moments of surreal contradictions within the landscape.  His optical game plays equally within the macrocosmic world of the landscape on a large scale, and the replications of these macrocosms on the microcosmic scale.

The gallery holds the art talk events about Mexico and Latin America Art at 3:00 o’clock afternoon on every Saturdays (9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18) during the exhibition.

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