Platinum Print Series – Cy DeCosse Solo Exhibition

Cy DeCosse Solo Exhibition

Public On-View2015/07/11 (Sat)08/16 (Sun)
Opening Reception
7/11  (Sat) 14:30
1839 Contemporary Gallery (Tel: 02-2778-8458)
B1, 120 Yanji Street, Da
an District, Taipei City, Taiwan ROC
Free Admission

DeCosse’s philosophy is simple, “a photograph should be interesting to look at. I like to get in close,” he says, ‘so you see things you’ve never seen before.”

Cy brings his background of artist and art director to the art of photography. His love of photography began in Florence, Italy as a Fulbright student. His learning continued as he collaborated with many of America’s best photographers in his career as an agency Art Director. Cy believes in close, intimate images that show ordinary things in a surprising new light. He paints backgrounds that “float” the subject in a world of its own. Alternative processes give his images a look that is different and appropriate to the moment.

DeCosse’s work is in numerous public collections including the England Royal Trust and the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. His work has been exhibited widely in the U.S. and abroad.

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