Free Workshop on 8/28


This is a Rephotography workshop with Gary McLeod in connection with an exhibition at 1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taipei. The workshop is an opportunity to see some waterfalls, share in a collective experience of looking and contribute to an ongoing body of photographs.
Workshop Outline:

There are three waterfalls on this trail: Hegu Falls, Motian Falls and Pipa Dong falls. After a gentle hike past the first falls, we will head to Motian Falls for the following activity:

1. Rephotographing a collection of existing images of the falls, paying attention to a variety of factors (technical, contextual, historical etc.)

2. Documenting the whole process and experience from beginning to end in your own way.

3. After the workshop, all photographs generated during the workshop will be collected together and participants will be asked to make a collage of their experience. These images will later be included in an exhibition of waterfalls from Japan and Taiwan (date/location/venue TBD).

If we have time (and everyone feels okay), we will do the same activity for Pipa Dong falls.

Meetup: Sandiaoling Station 09:45.
Number of participants: 6–10 (RSVP)
Cost: FREE but you have to pay for your own transport, food etc.
Safety: Although the hike is generally safe, you are responsible for your own safety.
Requirements: good shoes, water, food, camera (of course)
WEATHER WARNING: if the weather is bad (heavy rain, typhoon etc) the event will be CANCELLED. Please check for updates.

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