Constructed Landscape by Toshio SHIBATA

Constructed Landscape by Toshio SHIBATA
Public on-view: 2017/3/4 (Sat) – 4/9 (Sun)
Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery
Free Admission / Limited Seats

Cocktail Reception with Artist Toshio Shibata: 2:30 pmSaturday, March 04, 2017
Artist Talk and Book Signing with Artist Toshio Shibata:15:00~18:00, Sat. March 4

Dr. Edward Chiu, Assistant Professor of Graduate Institute of Cultrual & Creative Design at Tung Fang Design University, in conversation with artist Toshio Shibata.

Toshio Shibata is known for exploring the delicate balance between human-made structures and nature. He feels like he is borrowing a place to make his photographs.  Photographing erosion control barriers, water catchments, roads, dams and bridges, he examines the unique appearance of such structures in his native land. Through his lens, riverbeds can look like origami, and waterfalls resemble kimono, as well concrete symbolizes something contemporary.

March 4th (Saturday) afternoon, meet artist Toshio SHIBATA at the Opening Reception, Artist Talk and Book Signing at 1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. The exhibition showcases Shibata’s over 30 images from Constructed Landscape in Japan.

Free Art Talk by Toshio SHIBATA at 3pm on Saturday 4th of March.  The talk’s audience will be limited to 60 people, and advance seat reservations are recommended.

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