Chao Bin-Wen: New Civilization Landscape

The 1839 is the year of photography invention, till now it’s reached a 180-year history of photography. 
The term of “Typology” is used by the German artists Bernd and Hilla Becher to describe the photos they took. 
“I hope to reshape people’s memories of it through our creations. We show things and tell them about history and will not be forgotten. 
Bernd Becher (1931-2007) & Hilla Becher (1934-2015) are the German conceptual photography artist and a very important contemporary photography artist and educator in the world.

Taiwanese photographer, CHAO Bin-Wen, he is with macro-minded and micro-photographed his new artworks “New Civilization Landscape”. Due to rapid change of civilization, he presents these new landscapes in his artworks.

Welcome to join us the artist talk as well as the reception at 14:30 on January 12.

Chao Bin-Wen: New Civilization Landscape
Date│01.12.2019 ~ 02.24.2019
Meet with artist & Reception│Sat. 01.12.2019 14:30 ~
Location|1839 Contemporary Gallery

TEL│02- 2778 8458
Open Hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Curator│ Edward, I-Chien CHIU (Tokyo University of the Arts, phD)

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