Yumiko IZU: Resonance

The sensations of a life cycle from birth to death make you tingle and you find yourself wondering wat it is about these photographs. A merely physical description simple enough to render falls short. A scientific reading is certainly relevant and worth considering but misses the point. The meaning and effect of Yumko’s photographs are felft below the mind – somewhere between the heart and that place within, where profound experience occurs…..by Howard Greenberg

Yumiko Izu’s Resonance pulsates with the life-memories of one woman’s time here on earth. It is an inner wilderness where the sediments of time, washed by water and cleansed of all impurities, stretch to limitless horizons. In this landscape, flowers without roots and skulls without flesh sing paeans to life. Through the knowing eye of the artist, this transcendent realm is brought forth for us to celebrate. Here, truth and beauty reside in harmony……by Rui Kodemari

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