Each Viewpoint, Each World

Four years ago, In August 2019, we held a photographer exchange exhibition with gallery 176 located in Osaka, Japan.  Today, we are collaborating again post-COVID. Five Japanese photographers from gallery 176 will showcase their photographic works from their own artistic perspective and share the world they see and feel.  The exhibited works took in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

TOMONAGA Yusuke (1972~ )

“Beijing COLOR“, resumed the landscape of Beijing 23 years ago from the current perspective.

Tomonaga Yusuki who is gallery 176 owner / Photographer / Filmmaker.
His first photo exhibition “Beijing Solution” featured the images he photographed in Beijing in 1999 with monochrome films.  Since then, monochrome film has been his first choice for his photography.

MATSUBARA Yutaka (1967~ )

Local public bath “Sento”,
getting disappear one of Japanese traditional culture – Japanese Bathhouse

Matsubara Yutaka is a photographer based in Japan Mie Prefecture, and work based on his place of residence.

NUNOGAKI Masakuni (1979 ~ )

photo diary – My Observations on the city of Kyoto

Nunogaki Masakuni who grow up and lived in Ibaraki for 41 years.  He has been photographing his hometown for the last 15 years.  He struggled for long-year on the way he photographed his own city unlike other cities he made. Blue Period of works is a collection of his journey for the last 15 years.

NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu (1967 ~ )

“as-if city, as-of garden”

Nishikawa Yoshiyasu who is designer, photographer and now live in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan.  With his degree in landscape architecture, he started his career in the field of landscape architecture.  His works mainly involve landscaping. So far, he completed several series; garden designs, people and street scenes in Asian countries (mainly the Philippines and Taiwan). In the near future, he will challenge himself to explore a new series by bringing these themes together.

HAYAKAWA Tomoyoshi (1974 ~ )

IZUMO (sunrise)
the landscape of sunrise looks like back to ancient Japan

Hayakawa Tomoyoshi is an Angler as well Photographer.  His first solo exhibition “Sea of Silence Mare Tranquilitatis” in May 2018, a document of an Anglers.  As an angler, he sees fishing for a living as his life’s work. As a photographer, he continues to follow all human activity, not just anglers, but all human life.

「input x output」by TOMONAGA Yusuke and NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu

The concept is to exchange (eXchange=exchange) photography methods (input=input), select works from the photos taken by each other from their own interpretation angles, and perform post-production (output) in the way each is good at. = output).

Each Viewpoint, Each World, five photographers from gallery 176, Osaka, Japan

Opening|2023.5.20 (六) 14:30
Photo Talk|2023.5.20 (六) 15:00-17:00
Photographers|TOMONAGA Yusuke、Matsubara Yutaka、NUNOGAKI Masakuni、NISHIKAWA Yoshiyasu、HAYAKAWA Tomoyoshi
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery
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hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

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