Tetsu and Otyu by Tomomi Sakuma

Tomomi Sakuma Solo Exhibition (12.1-12.30)

Tomomi Sakuma Solo ExhibitionTetsu and Otyu 追憶
On-View Exhibition│2012 / 12 / 01 (Sat) ~ 2012 / 12 / 30 (Sun)

Opening Reception & Art Talk│2012.12.01 Sat. 14:30
Artist ▎Tomomi Sakuma
Curated ▎Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Venue ▎1839 Little Gallery

This photo exhibition is my grandparent’s day-to-day life, happiness and sadness.
On March 2011, Japan went through a series of catastrophe. Despite many losses, Japanese people try to find what they can do to continue to live their lives. 

When I saw them, I remembered my grandparents.
They were beautiful, cheerful and loving. Back in the Second World War, they lost their family and friends. And although life was hard and food was scared at that time, they never gave up.

They tell me still now how to live with cheerful and loving from their photos.
Although they are no longer in this world, they will always live in my heart. The pictures of their daily lives never failed to inspire me to live happily and cheerfully even in times of hardship. I hope the pictures ad story told within the pictures could also help others, who see them, to find joy and happiness.

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