CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects (12.22~02.03)

CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects – Group Memories

On-View Exhibition| 2012 / 12/22 (Sat) ~ 2013 / 02/03 (Sun)
Opening Reception| 2012 /12/22 (Sat) 14:30
Art Talk| 2012 /12/22 (Sat) 15:00

Curated by|Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Sponsored by |National Culture and Arts Foundation
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery

“Circumgyration” is a photographic project dedicated to explore the boundaries and possibilities among reality, truth and memory.

Photography seems always about now and aftertime. However, I am obsessed with the people and things existing before the invention of photography and not being able to be photographed for whatever reasons. They have always made me sorrow.

It is the reason I try to take fragments of memories from myself and others, and intend to represent scenes from memories by using 8 by 10 large format camera, combining natural and artificial lighting. What I really want to do is to make something too late to be recorded to be re-seen.

Therefore, these images may be treated as “pseudo- memory”

CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects

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