Yokushiroku, photograph by Kouhey Hirose

Yokushiroku" photograph by Kouhey Hirose

Kouhey Hirose – YOKUSHIROKU Photography Exhibition
Public On-View:2014/10/24 (Friday) ~ 11/23 (Sun)
Opening Reception and meet with Artist:10/25 (Saturday) at 14:30

Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery (Tel: 02-2778-8458)
B1, 120 Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan ROC
Free Admission

Those artworks are taken from Tokyo to Taipei and first exhibition in Taiwan.  Let’s discovery the secret of inside world through Hirose’s exhibition.

“Demand” usually express when people ask for request and beg for something,  however artist Hirose though the behind of this action is more need strong heroic and courage support.  There is no exactly what it is, just catch the demand from inside secret whether had been carried always, just you don’t see.

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