This is the excuse that I’m making by Wannes Morino

This is the excuse that I’m making by Wannes Morino
Public On-View: 2016/03/11 (Fri)~3/27 (Sun)
Opening Reception and Artist Talk: 3/12 (Sat) @14:30

Venue: 1839 Little Gallery (Tel: 02-2778 8458)
Free Admission 

Love, wonder, hope. That is all I need……said by Wannes Morino

‘This is the excuse that I’m making’, the young Belgian photographer Wannes Morino shows a glimpse of how his world looks like. A world that, however it is the same world we all live in, can look very dierent at times.

His crafted black and white prints show details of the world around us, mostly a ‘natural’ world without human characters. His work is the result of his wandering soul, embracing the solitude of nature and chance encounters down the road. ‘Choosing a simple lifestyle keeps my head free from clutter and open for the true joys of life.’

Through this exhibition to share Wannes’ work to an audience, and hopefully provoke emotions with the visitors, maybe a smile, a new feeling, a new hope, to share a little bit of my world with others.  Also I’m hoping to get feedback to help me get inspired and motivated for new work.

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