Beyond the Visibility by 6 Artists from Gallery Tosei, Japan

【1839 Contemporary Gallery】Beyond the Visibility by 6 Artists from Gallery Tosei
Public on-view: 2017/6/17 (Sat) – 7/16 (Sun)
Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery
Free Admission / Limited Seats

Cocktail Reception with ArtistsSaturday, June 17, at 14:30

Artist Talk with Artists from Gallery Tosei: Saturday, June 17, at 15:00~18:00, Saturday

Pictures can copy things and events that exist in front of you.  Due to the function of the camera, the photograph has been shot for the visible things as information.

On the other hand, we seem is what we see in live and need through our eyes.  However, such as an emotion, love, time, psychological distance, energy, power of the land, past or memories can be photographed only truly visible ones?

Now, we are exhibition the works of six photographers from Japan, Gallery Tose to show the photographs are not only “what they can see” but it’s beyond what is shown.

Welcome to join us the opening reception in the afternoon 14:30, as well as the art talks with artists at 15:00 and the books singing at 17:00 on Saturday June 17th.

6 Artists with the project name are:
Keiichi ITO / The Silent Pulse SAKURA collection
Taichi GONDAIRA / Ukiyo-e
Satoru WATANABE / prana
Yoshiyuki OKI / On the frog and his life
Keiju KITA / Máni

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