Resonance by Yumiko IZU

Resonance by Yumiko IZU
Public on-view: 2017/10/14 (Sat) – 11/19 (Sun)
Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery (B1, No. 120 Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwan ROC│Tel: 02- 2778 8458)
Free Admission / Limited Seats

Cocktail Reception with Artist Yumiko IZU: 14:30, Saturday, Oct. 21
Artist Talk, Book Signing with Artist Yumiko IZU: 15:00, Saturday, Oct. 21

1839 Contemporary Gallery is delighted to host the debut solo exhibition of photographs by talented, female artist, Yumiko Izu.

Resonance presents the works by photographer Yumiko Izu’s renowned series Secret Garden and Faraway.

The images in “Secret Garden” are an exploration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers, depicting them in various stages of their life cycle. The images in “Faraway” are to search the interaction between life and death, of which has been long perished.  The juxtapositions of the two series of works drew us into the rhythms  of life, interplay of lives and lives once lived.

October 21 (Saturday) afternoon, meet artist Yumiko IZU at the Opening Reception, Artist Talk and Book Signing at 1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. The exhibition showcases Yumiko’s over 30 images of 11”x14” platinum palladium prints.

Free Art Talk by Yumiko IZU at 3pm on Saturday 21st of October.  The talk’s audience will be limited to 60 people, and advance seat reservations are recommended.

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