10 Years Retrospective Exhibition of 1839 Contemporary Gallery

10 Years Retrospective Exhibition of 1839 Contemporary Gallery
Public on-view:2019.04.20 ~ 05.26
Opening Reception:04.20  (Sat) 15:00

Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery(B1, No. 120 Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City 10696, Taiwan R.O.C.)
Free Admission

What is the 1839 Contemporary? It means from photography invention in 1839 to now.  In order to have many people interest in the photography, understanding and appreciation of photographs, we are located in home country (Taiwan) and connecting home and abroad photographic arts into global marketing.

1839 Contemporary gallery was established on April 2009 till today is 10 years old.  We develop a reputation for playing a leading role in the field of photography through inviting International photographers around the world as well as artists showing at the opening reception and conducting the artist talk.

The 10 years Retrospective Exhibition is showcasing the works made among by Black-White prints, color prints by Cibachrome paper; blue-platinum prints and digital prints.  Bring you to walk in a film of photography art history.

Welcome to join us the opening reception on April 20 at 15:00, the curator of 1839 Contemporary Gallery, Dr. Chiu loves to share his observation of photography markets from beginning till now.

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