「Whatever is sensible, Beauty distorts. No.2」PHOTOS by Satoru Yoshioka

Satoru Yoshioka Solo exhibition
Public on-view/2020.03.07 (Sat)~04.12 (Sun) 11:00~19:00 (Monday off)
Venue/1839 Contemporary Gallery(T:02-2778 8458)
FREE admission/www.1839cg.com

Japanese photographer Satoru Yoshioka holding his first solo exhibition at 1839 Contemporary Gallery in Taiwan.

Born in Kochi, Japan in 1963. He graduated from California State Palomar College in the Department of Photography in 1996. His black-and-white Polaroid photographs have been exhibited in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

More than 40 photographs on display are black and white silver gelatin photographs, which he took 30 years ago.  These photographs from distorted, enigmatic images of people are his early photographic works that have not yet made public. 

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