1839 Young Emerging Artists Group Show (10.31-12.27)

【1839CG】1839 Photographic Art – Young Emerging Artists Group Show
Public on-view/2020.10.31 (Sat)~12.27 (Sun) 11:00~19:00 (Monday off)
Venue/1839 Contemporary Gallery(T:02-2778 8458)
sponsored by/Taipei City Government (Department of Culture Affairs)
Saturdays Photo Talk starting 14:30/1st session Nov. 21;2nd session Dec. 12
On-line registration/ACCUPASS
FREE admission/www.1839cg.com

In today’s digital and high-tech era, although it is easy to change people’s lifestyles, it cannot replace the way of interpersonal communication. Through the displayed works, you will observe what your value is in real life.

Welcome to join us. The Saturdays Photo Talk will be held at 14:30 pm on November 21 and December 12.

1839 Photo Artists:
LLIN,Xiao Fan《Touch》
LIN, Jia Yi《Space of Phenomena 》
PAN, Zhi Wei《The dark history of Taiwan’s Buildings》
CHANG, Shi Xuan《Accelerated Growth》
LIU, Chen Ling《Yes , I do》
CHOU, Jin Qing《The moment in Keelung》
CHEN, Sheng Feng《Where nobody knows if it’s night or day》
LIN, Cheng-Yi《Before the Lumiere》
CHA, Wen Fu《diary》
PENG, Yi-Hang《If there is a light that can illuminate your universe》

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