Yoshihiko Ueda : FOREST (signed)

Forest Impressions And Memories, 1989-2017, signed by Yoshihiko UEDA
Publisher Seigensha
290 p, ills colour, 26 x 32 cm, pb, Japanese/English

Yoshihiko Ueda’s work spans a broad range of photographic categories, from landscapes to nature, portraiture, and still life, and is characterised by his pursuit of the “whole” – capturing the very essence and energy of bodies and their environments. His oeuvre thus reflects a process of tracing topographies, especially when it comes to his images of forests, which he began making three decades ago. Conventionally attractive landscape photography holds no interest for Ueda, a fact that becomes clear as we are plunged into the depths of the Quinault Rain Forest in Washington State, the Yakushima cedar forests in southern Japan, and the virgin forest of the Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara.

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