Eikoh Hosoe : Ordeal by Roses (signed)

Photography by Eikoh Hosoe │ Ordeal by Roses Yukio Mishima │ Designed by Katsumi Asaba

Ordeal by Roses, the first in a series of sumptuous book projects by Eikoh Hosoe, was a collaboration with the ardently nationalist novelist Yukio Mishima and featured the writer in a series of provocative poses.

“Ordeal by Rose” has been published in several editions, but this book is probably the last convincing book.
This book is a 21st century edition published as a project commemorating the 90th anniversary of Mishima’s birth and the 45th anniversary of his death, 52 years after the original publication. In addition to the original version, 5 unrecorded photos are added. Katsumi Asaba is in charge of the binding.

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