Matt Liao: My journey to the Renaissance

1839 Contemporary Gallery is going to a four-stage “silence and waiting”-the lurker plan, which lasted for five months from August.  It will mainly exhibit young Taiwanese artists, giving the public and art lovers to see outstanding photographic artworks in different fields.

The first exhibition is photographer Matt LIAO “My journey to the Renaissance” includes two series: 《The cave of Plato – Tourist Series》 and 《Glitch Image》

《The cave of Plato – Tourist Series》

The transport cabin takes group after group of travelers to different areas of the world. The parable of Plato’s Cave is borrowed to explore the relationship between people of different backgrounds and behaviors who find themselves in the same space. At well-known sites in each of the destinations, I stand apart from the crowd, taking in the scene from a distance, watching the scene as if watching shadows projected onto a wall at the back of a cave. The travelers seem to think they come to the place to take pictures to capture the spirit of a place for their memories. Are these images illusions or real?

《Glitch Image》

The photos bring back lots of memories. Memory change over time. 
People try to keep a certain memory by photography. The memory faded away by time and the rest of it is the fragment of images. Through damaged images we interpret and memorize the fragmented memories left from the past. We contemplate a certain self from the past by the self at the present. The lost images revealed in the damaged images faded away by the passing of the memory.

《About Artist》Matt LIAO

born in 1982, a photographic artist, who started his photographic imagery work in 2012. He has excelled in street photography and discussion over the period of his creative work and has won numerous art exhibition awards both at home and abroad. In 2015, his award-winning “Child Sitting on the Motorcycle” work was invited to a joint exhibition curated by Niccolò Hebel at the 2015 PX3 – Prix de la Photographie in Paris. In residence in Florence, Italy in 2016, he studied art and photography and twice held solo exhibitions entitled “Made in Taiwan,” becoming Taiwan’s ambassador of photography to Florence. His artworks of ” The cave of Plato – Tourist Series ” won the first prize in the photography category of the 2019 Florence Biennale and was collected by the Art Bank of the National Museum of the Ministry of Culture in 2020.

Matt Liao│My journey to the Renaissance
Date│07.31.2021 – 08.29.2021

Talk 08.14.2021 @15:00
Location│1839 Contemporary Gallery
TEL│02-2778 8458
Open hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Curator│Edward CHIU
Co-curator│Lichun MA, Pengchun YEN
Sponsor│Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government

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