Yan Cheng CHEN:KOI

1839 Contemporary Gallery launched a four-stage “silence and waiting”-the lurker plan, which lasted for five months from August.  It mainly exhibits young Taiwanese artists, giving the public and art lovers to see outstanding photographic artworks in different fields. Following the first exhibition in Lurker Project is Matt LIAO “My journey to the Renaissance”, the 2nd exhibition is YiChun Liu “Download a witchtopia”, come to the 3rd exhibition is《KOI》by Yan Cheng CHEN.


This exhibition includes the series of “Sick”, “My Love”, “Honeymoon”, and “KOI”.
It all started with a photo of Koi. “This was a lonely journey, it’s just like I was going alone.”

This exhibition is a creative project whose theme was developed from a journey of love. It includes multiple series. Through narrative images, text contents and slides, it demonstrates about the complex relations between love, photography and memory. The creator leaves mutual clues in different series to lure audiences watching the memories of one part of the journey to seek the meaning of photography and yet to question the characteristics of photography. In this era of people endlessly photographing, transmitting, and sharing their own life stories, what’s the meaning of photography becomes?

《About Artist》Yan Cheng CHEN

Photographer, born in 1988 in Taiwan Taichung, currently lives in Taichung. Started his carrier as a freelance photographer in 2013. His works are mostly about his own life situation, reproducing the inner conflict and anxiety at that time and try to let photos expand his living experiences to the social groups. He thinks the purpose of photography is to question to oneself. The images are productions of the processes of the self-conversation, and most of the time questioning is more important than answering. That’s what media photography is. The recent works, “Honeymoon” and “Thawing Time”, return to photography itself other than from photographer himself to attempt to discuss the methods of questioning using photography

Yan Cheng CHEN│KOI
Date│10.16.2021 – 11.14.2021
Opening│10.16, 2021 @14:30
Artist talk│10.23, 2021 @15:00
Location│1839 Contemporary Gallery
TEL│02-2778 8458
Open hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Curator│Edward CHIU
Co-curator│Lichun MA, Pengchun YEN

Sponsor│Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government

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