Yun-Hsiang LIAO: Remains of the Day

1839 Contemporary Gallery launched a four-stage “silence and waiting”-the lurker plan, which lasted for five months from August.  It mainly exhibits young Taiwanese artists, giving the public and art lovers to see outstanding photographic artworks in different fields. Following the first exhibition in Lurker Project is Matt LIAO “My journey to the Renaissance”, the 2nd exhibition is YiChun Liu “Download a witchtopia”, the 3rd exhibition is Yan Cheng CHEN《KOI》and the last one comes to 《Remains of the Day》by Yun-Hsiang LIAO.

Remains of the Day

Conceptual landscape, I can only describe it from the footprints, memories and imagination of my body and experience.  Ten years is a journey of negotiation with time. The past will become a part of the future. It’s just that I recorded the landscapes ten years ago and looked them back ten years later. Looking back now, my experience from youth to adulthood is more like twilight contemplation. The misty shadows of reality are more intense, reflecting the ever-changing colors in the twilight.

About Artist》Yun-Hsiang LIAO

Born in Yilan, Taiwan in 1978, he graduated from Fuxing Department of Commerce, Industry and Art, New Taipei City.

Served as related art editing and printing work in printing design and plate making and binding factories, during which he had experience to photography and imaging editing,

In 2012, he won the Photography new talent Award of Taiwan International Visual Arts Center, and in 2018, he was shortlisted for the Taoyuan Creative Award.

Currently a freelancer, engaged in photography projects and photo creation.

Yun-Hsiang LIAO│Remains of the Day
Date│11.20.2021 – 12.19.2021
Opening│11.20, 2021 @14:30
Artist talk│11.27, 2021 @15:00
Location│1839 Contemporary Gallery
TEL│02-2778 8458
Open hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Curator│Edward CHIU

Co-curator│Lichun MA, Pengchun YEN
Sponsor│ Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government

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