Kiyoshi Hashimoto: The Region of Carp

Exhibition Introduction

In the city of Hiroshima, where usually called a peaceful city (= Hiroshima was usually called a peaceful city). However, there are many scars of the atomic bomb and old military facilities. (= In the Edo Era, about 300 years ago, there were prosperous industries that have produced cotton, gunny, bamboo ware, dried laver seaweed, oyster, and so on. These items had manufactured the new wide-scale land reclamation. This print (=these prints recorded the development and declination of the city since 2005. The main part of the urban district has been built on the delta region of many rivers.  I hope to project some images of history and culture in this area by a form of visualization.

Art Statement

The recording of the scene is the most important matter in my mind. For a long time, I have consistently gathered information on a theme, and captured the essence and the point of photogenic subjects, then express them in prints.

The shooting area is mainly in the city of Hiroshima, a peaceful city.  A-bombed buildings are very impressive. I live near Hiroshima in childhood, then I thought that I wanted to see (many) different aspects of Hiroshima. I graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography and created my own photographic business at Hiroshima after many twists and turns. I started shooting in earnest, recording photographically rustic streets and people before renewal. I started to think that grasping of the essence of the streets was important. And the history of the urban district is also meaningful. 

The extra ordinate capital of Japan was established in the area of the Hiroshima castle from September 1894 to April 1985. Based on the old political center, the city has developed widely and broadly.  I multidirectional present today life and social situation in Hiroshima these days.  (One of the professional baseball teams, Hiroshima Carp, is the favorite of the people of Hiroshima.)

About: Kiyoshi Hashimoto  橋本清志 (1975~)

April 1994, enrolled at the Tokyo College of Photography
March 1997, graduated from the college

2010 “BLUE SCAPE” at Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
2013 “Throb of the Sea” at Frame man Ginza in Tokyo
2016 “Urban Transmigration” at Ricoh Imaging Square Sinjuku in Tokyo
2019 “The Region of Carp” at Aidem Photo Gallery ‘Sirius’ in Tokyo
2023 “The Region of Carp” at 1839 Little Gallery’ in Taipei

Kiyoshi Hashimoto : The Region of Carp
Opening|2023.2.4 (六) 14:30-17:00
Venue|1839 Little Gallery
TEL│02-2778 8458
Open hours│Tue.-Sun. 11:00-19:00

Kiyoshi Hashimoto : The Region of Carp @1839 Contemporary Gallery

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