The 27th Higashikawa Award 2011

The 27th Higashikawa Award 2011 – New Photographer Prize goes to Ken Kitano who is one of photo artists of 1839 Contemporary Gallery. 

The ceremony will be held at Higashikawa as a town of photography on July 30th.  The award Winners’ Exhibition will be held as well from July 30th to September 5th at the Higashikawa Bunka Gallery.

Meanwhile Dr. Edward Chiu, the curator of 1839 Contemporary Gallery, is invited by Mr. Ichiroh matsuoka (Mayor of Higashikawa-town) as team of “Portfolio Reviews” in the 27th Higashikawa International Photo Festival.

Same as another artist from 1839 Contemporary Gallery, Mr. Chen Chin-Pao received the 26th Higashikawa Award 2010 – Oversea Photographer Award who will be invited to an exhibition from 21st of November to 25th of December being held at Shadai Gallery run by Tokyo Polytechnic University.  An Artist Talk among Dr. Edward Chiu, Professor Hiroaki Yoshino and Chen Chin-Pao is organized at Shadai Gallery as well. 

The 27th Higashikawa Award

New Photographer Award goes to Ken Kitano

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