A Thirty Year Retrospective by Kenro IZU

2015.12.05 Kenro IZU

Cyanotype over platinum palladium print by KENRO IZU
A Thirty Year Retrospective

Public On-View:2015/12/06 (Sat)–31 (Thu)
Venue:1839 Contemporary Gallery (Tel: 02-2778-8458)
Free Admission

The cyanotype or blue print and platinoytype are oldest printing methods in photography history. Sir John Herschel was making cyanotypes and platinoytype as early as 1841 and they are very popular process during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

We are pleased to present over 30 pieces of prints made in platinum palladium and cyanotype (blue) by KENRO IZU.  All prints involve hand-painting emulsion onto the paper in darkness prior to exposure.

Meanwhile we also offer the limited of signed photo books with special price for two titles – A Thirty Year Retrospective; Bhutan.

The Thirty Year Retrospective is to celebrate the thirtieth year of the ongoing ‘Sacred Places’ series; this photo book is a stunning collection of the artist ’most powerful work to date.

Izu’s renowned series ‘Sacred Places,’ which includes work from holy sites in Syria Jordan, England, Scotland, Mexico, Easter Island and, more recently, Buddhist and Hindu sites in India, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.

The photographs in Bhutan: The Sacred Within reflect Izu’s exploration of a country that he visited repeatedly over a period of six years (2002-2007) and in which he found a wealth of spiritual value.

Order signed photobooks, welcome stop by at 1839 Contemporary Gallery (tel: 02-27788458).

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