Hubert KILIAN has settled in Taiwan in 2003. For over two decades now, he has been working to decipher the cities and to capture the atmospheres carved by the lights and shadows of buildings. His work seeks to expose the relationship between the city dwellers and environment that conditions and transcends them. Continue reading

Olivier Marceny:The Forum

Olivier Marceny, an architectural and interior photographer from France, uses a unique technique to capture street crowds in Taiwan cities. Needless to say, Olivier’s work uses natural light and different angles to capture the moment of the objects to the fullest. The exhibition presents sort of the theater of modern life and seeing either beauty or sensuality of those anonymity people in Taiwan. Continue reading

Yan Cheng CHEN:KOI

1839 Contemporary Gallery launched a four-stage “silence and waiting”-the lurker plan, which lasted for five months from August.  It mainly exhibits young Taiwanese artists, giving the public and art lovers to see outstanding photographic artworks in different fields. Following the … Continue reading