Exhibition Events: Circumgyration

Thanks for all greetings from the leader’s wife of Ma-tsu County、 the chairman of Culture of Lian-jiang County and Lian-jiang Council President, as well as everyone came for opening reception.  Special thanks for Mr. Tsai Yong-sheng and friends providing photos took at reception.  With all of your support, the events went smoothly and successfully.

For year-end upcoming, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy, safe and prosperous New Year.  Remember be with families and friends to take a look at 《CIRCUMGYRATION》exhibition and enjoy the photographic artworks.

Artist talks went well on last Saturday!  Artist Mr. Chen shared his experiences and the conditions he met during the process. He also introduced some foreign photographers, i.e. Judith Joy Rose, Larry Fink and Nicholas Nixon etc, who are photographing kids as topic with different styles of presentation.

《CIRCUMGYRATION》projects represent everyone childhood memories from an elementary grade students.  The content presented the memories through a single survey distributed to students and parents.

Artist Mr. Chen buildup the instruction in his plan to deliver each work between reality and fiction through his prospective, inspiration, memories and observation.  This is caused by his teaching experiences at elementary school.

Through staying at Japanese Koganecho Art Village, Mr. Chen got opportunities to approach the local elementary schools, and opened his subsequent projects at South Korea and Shanghais China in Northeast Asia.

Artist Mr. Chen said: “I just use the way to approach the original images from my head”, He has ever use 4 × 5 camera in beginning, till now 8 × 10 large camera.   He was awarded of the 2010 Higashikawa Award (the overseas award) in Japan.  Don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition at 1839 Contemporary Gallery until February 3, 2013.

《CIRCUMGYRATION》by Chen Chin-pao

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CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects (12.22~02.03)

CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects – Group Memories

On-View Exhibition| 2012 / 12/22 (Sat) ~ 2013 / 02/03 (Sun)
Opening Reception| 2012 /12/22 (Sat) 14:30
Art Talk| 2012 /12/22 (Sat) 15:00

Curated by|Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Sponsored by |National Culture and Arts Foundation
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery

“Circumgyration” is a photographic project dedicated to explore the boundaries and possibilities among reality, truth and memory.

Photography seems always about now and aftertime. However, I am obsessed with the people and things existing before the invention of photography and not being able to be photographed for whatever reasons. They have always made me sorrow.

It is the reason I try to take fragments of memories from myself and others, and intend to represent scenes from memories by using 8 by 10 large format camera, combining natural and artificial lighting. What I really want to do is to make something too late to be recorded to be re-seen.

Therefore, these images may be treated as “pseudo- memory”

CHEN Chin-Pao│Circumgyration Projects

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Tetsu and Otyu by Tomomi Sakuma

Tomomi Sakuma Solo Exhibition (12.1-12.30)

Tomomi Sakuma Solo ExhibitionTetsu and Otyu 追憶
On-View Exhibition│2012 / 12 / 01 (Sat) ~ 2012 / 12 / 30 (Sun)

Opening Reception & Art Talk│2012.12.01 Sat. 14:30
Artist ▎Tomomi Sakuma
Curated ▎Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Venue ▎1839 Little Gallery

This photo exhibition is my grandparent’s day-to-day life, happiness and sadness.
On March 2011, Japan went through a series of catastrophe. Despite many losses, Japanese people try to find what they can do to continue to live their lives. 

When I saw them, I remembered my grandparents.
They were beautiful, cheerful and loving. Back in the Second World War, they lost their family and friends. And although life was hard and food was scared at that time, they never gave up.

They tell me still now how to live with cheerful and loving from their photos.
Although they are no longer in this world, they will always live in my heart. The pictures of their daily lives never failed to inspire me to live happily and cheerfully even in times of hardship. I hope the pictures ad story told within the pictures could also help others, who see them, to find joy and happiness.

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Tibetan Portraits by Feng Jian Guo

The Power of Plateaus:Tibetan Portraits (2007~2010)
Solo Exhibition by FENG Jian Guo

On-View Exhibition| 2012 / 11/2 (Fri) ~ 12/16 (Sun)
Opening Reception & Art Talk| 2012 /11/3 (Sat) 14:30

Curated by|Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Free Admission

The photos took from 2007 through 2010; Artist Feng uses a pure white background to take portraits for the people living in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.  He tried this simple form to show the unsophisticated and pious Tibetan people, whose typical vicissitudes of life and a sense of spirit of the times in the era of great change through expressions, clothing and personality of different parts.  These portraits can become an image heritage for a people living in a time of great changes. And through these images, show the great respect from the artist to the Tibetan people who have lived on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for generations.

Press report by Matt Bowden

The Power of Plateaus by Feng Jian Guo

Exhibition Event:Art Talk by Dr. Edward Chiu
Topic: Portrait Photography


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Last chance to see Wakabayashi Hayato is Sunday, Oct. 28th


LUNCHEON ON THE GRASS by Wakabayashi Hayato
Venue: 1839 Contemporary Gallery  │(02) 2778 8458

Wakabayashi Hayato Solo Exhibition

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Luncheon on the Grass│Wakabayashi Hayato (9/7~10/28)

Luncheon on the Grass by Wakabayashi Hayato

Around 30 color prints are showed and selected from the artist 1st edition of photographic book by young Japanese photographer Wakabayashi Hayato.  This photographic Collection is named after Edouard Manet Impressionist master. (Édouard Manet,1832-1883), the well-known works, “Luncheon on the Grass” (French: Le déjeuner sur l’herbe) as a book.

He photographs not a particular greenhouse related to him but various greenhouses; feeling that “past” is around “present” also connects to “future”.

Luncheon on the Grass by Wakabayashi Hayato
On-View Exhibition:2012/09/7 (Fri) ~ 10/28 (Wed)
Event on 9/8 (Sat) with Artist
14:30   Opening Reception
15:00   Artist Talk 

Curated by: Dr. Edward CHIU  (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

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Taiwan Easy by Elina Eihmane (9/8~9/30)

Taiwan Easy by Elina Eihmane

TAIWAN EASY by Elina Eihmane

One-View: 2012/09/08 (Fri) ~ 09/30 (Sun)
Opening Reception: 2012/09/15 (Sun) 14:30
Artist Talk: 2012/09/15 (Sun) 15:00
Venue: 1839 Little Gallery (11:00~20:00)

This street photography series ‘Taiwan Easy’ is based on my previous experience in working with subjective documentary and everyday objects.  I was looking for the unique in the Taiwanese society by abstracting from the differences and the culture shock, sometimes painfully eliminating the colorful and the loud in favor for the settled and hidden.  In the middle of ever-changing flow of events I strived for the silence and stillness, in order and to really look and observe.  The serenity of  little dogs’ graveyard, the festive mood of the Mazu festival, secret smiles and private moments at the anti-ractopamine demonstration – that’ s the color of Taiwan for me.

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Open call for 2013 Exhibition at 1839 Little Gallery

call for 2013 exhibiition

1839 Little Gallery provides a chance to the emerging artists/photographers for showcasing their work with a public environment. All applicants from individual, students, group, society organization etc are welcome to apply.

To apply the exhibition at 1839 Little Gallery (deadline application by October 31, 2013), exhibition from April till December in year 2013 ,  please fill the application form (Chinese version) include your name, contact details, a short c.v. or description of your work and 100 – 150 words on why you would like to participate.

Please send details and requst to info@1839cg.com

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American Dream in Taiwan by Wang Cheng-Hsiang and Hsiao Ru-Chun

On-View Exhibition: 2012/08/03 (Fri) ~ 09/02 (Sun)
Opening Reception: 2012/08/05 (Sun) 14:30
Artist Talk: 2012/08/05 (Sun) 15:00

Free Adminission
Venue: 1839 Little Gallery │(02) 2778 8458
Address: B1, No. 120, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan ROC
FB: www.facebook.com/1839cg

In this project that took pictures of wooden houses both in Taiwan and America. Taiwan, once as a cultural semi colony of America, always has huge imagination toward America. Taiwanese tend to think American life style as an idea modem. People build wooden building near mountain just in order to imitating Americans. They call themselves dreamers and the building a American style wooden building is viewed as some kind of dream come true. We try to reveal the special relation between Taiwan and America, and ask how this relation affects our way of looking.

American Dream in Taiwan

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【Building or Non-building】by CHAO, Bin-Wen (7/20~9/02)

「Building or Non-Building」is presenting the relationship of constructive culture between cities and containers standing on street. If the building is the construction graveyard, then cement Tower will be a milestone in the construction of, because it carries the Taoist spirit after accomplished the goal, simply walk away and get off ground.

BUILDING or NON BUILDING – Solo Exhibition by CHAO, Bin-Wen
On-View Exhibition2012/07/20 (Fri) ~ 09/-2 (Wed)
Event on 7/21 (Sat) with Artist
14:30   Opening Reception
15:00   Artist Talk

Free Admission
Venue: 1839 Contemporary Gallery
Address: B1, No. 120, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan ROC
FB: www.facebook.com/1839cg

Curated by: Dr. Edward CHIU  (Tung Fang Design University, Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design, Assistant Professor)

Typology Photography - Chao, Bin-Wen

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