Jock Sturges Photography Exhibition

Jock Sturges exhibition

Public on-view|2014 /2/22 (Sat) ~ 3/30 (Sun)
Opening Reception│2/22 (Sat) at 14:30 ~
Art Talk by Dr. Edward Chiu (Tung Fang Design University, the Director of Department of Photography Preparatory)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458) 

Jock Sturges  (American, b.1947) is best known for his intimate, arresting photographs, often of nude adolescent girls erotically posed in nature. Born in New York City, Sturges studied at Marlboro College in Vermont, and later received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. In his luminous, detailed photographs, Sturges captures images of young women and their families at nude beaches in France and California. His photographs portray his subjects with a self-awareness of their developing adult identity and sexuality. Sturges makes it a point, however, to stress the trusting, personal relationship between himself, his subject, and his subject’s family as essential to his work. 

He has photographed some subjects over a series of decades, tracing their growth into adults, as well as created images of families spanning several generations. Sturges has attracted a significant amount of controversy over his works, which some deem as crossing a boundary in using children in his erotic imagery, but he continually receives public support against such criticisms. Sturges has published several books of his photographs, and his work is in the collections of the Phildelphia Museum of Art, the International Center of Photography and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Denver Museum of Art, the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Museum Ludwig in Berlin, and the Musée de la Louvière in Brussels. He currently resides in Seattle, WA.

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Nude: Selected Photographs 1924 ~2013

Nude, 1924-2013

On View Exhibition | 2014.2/22 (Sat) ~ 3/12 (Wed)
Reception| 2/22 (Sat) 14:30
Venue | 1839 Little Gallery

Under the operation of the lens, how much we understand the human body changes? And how we change the way to watch the human body? It’s been over 175 years till today since the invention of photography in 1839, the human body is one of general projects for most photographic artists portrayed.  It’s been influence the way to portray the subjects with a self-awareness of their developing human body and sexuality.

“Nude the body shape, selected photographs in 1924 to 2013 from renowned photographers’ work i.e. Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard, Joyce Tenneson, Bud Fraker, Herb Ritts, and Sandy Skoglund as well from oversea galleries collected nude, those are exhibited and rendered at 1839 Little Gallery.

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Exhibition Extended

May you have wonderful 2014 Chinese Lunar New Year (a year of Horse) celebrating with your families~

The exhibition “US & European Contemporary Photography” now being held at 1839 Contemporary Gallery as well as the exhibition “Milton Huang Photography Exhibition” being held at 1839 Little Gallery, both exhibitions have been well received by the public.

To enable more people to visit the exhibition during the Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year holidays), the 1839 Contemporary gallery has extended both exhibitions period until Sunday, February 16th.

Those who have not yet seen the exhibitions should grab this final chance to see Asia’s largest display to date of photographs from over 30+ artists within 12 countries.

2014_spring festival_s

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emotional response│Tom Chambers

Public on-view|2013 /12/14  (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458) 

Tom Chambers (USA) his work has been shown nationally and internationally through solo and group exhibitions, as well as in a wide range of print and online publications. 

I would like my work to elicit an emotional response, a moment when the viewer connects, and the story unfolds from within–based on one’s identity and feelings. I am not asking my work to be believable in any literal or representational way, but I am hoping it encourages the viewer to consider my work on an emotional level”. – Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers

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Diamond Spray photographs by Milton HUANG

On-View Exhibition|2014/ 1/18 (Sat) ~ 1/29 (Wed)
Opening Reception|2014 /1/18 (Sat) 14:30 

Venue|1839 Little Gallery (02) 2778 8358
Free Admission

Photographer Milton is an officer in the Navy.  This project is taken him around 6 months when he was on duty at the naval vessel.  

Although photographic conditions were very challenge and difficult on the boat, but also gave him a different angle and experience, creating works for this series of waves.

Sea is so changeable that lovely ruthlessness. In Milton’ works, the hidden anger and tenderness are been seen.  Living on the ground as we are, it’s is difficult to appreciate the beauty of life in the way of lively style, blue white waves, emitting woven into different patterns in the sea.

dancing waves by Milton Huang

Opening reception on January 18th

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Underwater Photography│Elena Kalis

Public on-view|2013 /12/14  (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458)

Elena Kalis is a Russian-born photographer living and working out of the Bahamas.

She specializes in underwater photography and has an incredible portfolio of work. 

Using a Canon 5D Mark II with 24, 28 and 50mm lenses and a red underwater color correction filter, Elena shoots her subjects in both pools and oceans.

Elina Kalis

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Vis-à-vis: Portraits of New Women by Wu Chin-Chin

Public on-view|2013 /12/14  (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458)

Vis-à-vis: Portraits of New Women is the 50 women were invited to participate in this project through the years 2006 to 2009. “The exposure of female genitalia implies an ontological vulnerability. The nationalities of the models include Australia, Austria, China, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Vis-à-vis: Portraits of New Women

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PARIS by Renée Jacobs

Public on-view|2013 /12/14  (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458)

Renée Jacobs – PARIS is a book of nudes, but it is much more than that. It is a document of how a woman sees women in the City of Love. This book is the very example of a photographer of the female nude who has a social vision, a vision of freedom, secrets, desires, fantasies, dreams and liberty.

Paris by Renee Jacobs

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Around Us│Mamat Sallah

On-View Exhibition|2014/ 1/3 (Fri) ~ 1/15 (Wed)
Opening Reception|2014 /1/4 (Sat) 14:30
Artist Talk|2014/1/4 (Sat) 15:00

Venue|1839 Little Gallery (02) 2778 8358
Free Admission

From Gambia, Mamat Sallah, current he is a graduate student of department of New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts.

This project around us is about nature and space, time and motion.  It is portraying the society we are live in relations our surrounding.  Mamat was trying to capture motion of water in different moments through photography.  The recording of these moments can be seen in one possible time in two-dimensional image.

Opening Reception

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Angel fell in the world│Jacqueline Roberts

Public on-view|2013 /12/14 (Sat) ~ 2014/2/9 (Sun)
Venue|1839 Contemporary Gallery (T: 2778 8458)

Jacqueline Roberts graduated in Political Sciences and worked for international organizations before turning to photography.  Her award-winning photographs have featured on the covers of photography magazines, books and music albums.

Her work has been shown in France, Spain, Germany and Luxembourg and has won various international awards, including the International Photography Awards in New York and the Prix de la Photographie in Paris. Jacqueline works with different photographic mediums, both digital and analogue, as well as with photographic techniques from the 19th century. 

Jacqueline Roberts

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